How to dress at 40: wardrobe tips

A woman at 40 is still full of energy, attractive, leads a socially active lifestyle. And her appearance, of course, should correspond to this lifestyle. Needless to say, modern women have a hard time. They are forced to be torn between family, work, social activities, and in the turmoil of days it is sometimes so difficult to find a little time for themselves. However, neglect of one's beauty is not acceptable at any age.


The determining factor when choosing clothes is not how old you are according to your passport, but how you look. However, there are still some basic principles that apply to the vast majority of forty-year-olds.

  1. If you have kept a good physical shape and like sports style - wear it with pleasure! However, everything has its place and time. The sporty style is suitable for a barbecue trip, country walks or as a home wardrobe. In addition, sports things are also different. A pink velor tracksuit embellished with rhinestones and a hood with bunny ears is unlikely to be appropriate on anyone other than a glamorous 18-year-old blonde weighing 45 kg. Even in sporty style, it is better to stick to the classic canons when you are already over 40.

  2. Don't try to arrange an after-school teenage period with the help of clothes. Mini-skirts, belly-baring tops, bright neon items, baby-doll dresses can only be afforded by 17-year-old ladies, and even then not all of them. And even if you reasonably believe that you have kept an impeccable body, there are more adequate ways to demonstrate this to others.

  3. A 40-year-old woman should look expensive. This does not mean at all that things will have to be bought only in boutiques in Milan. You just need to understand what you can save on, and what is better to shell out money for without regrets. Some women have an amazing instinct that allows them to find inexpensive clothes that make them look like models from the cover of a glossy magazine. Of course, this talent is not given to everyone. However, you can adopt some principles that will allow you to save serious amounts without compromising the quality of things. For example, follow the rule: "Buy a fur coat in summer and a swimsuit in winter." Bet on the classics. The classic wardrobe is universal - it is suitable for any figure and for any age. However, when you are 40 years old, it is most appropriate. Basics of classical style: restraint, moderation and elegance. And most importantly, the classic style never goes out of style.

  4. Shoes - this is the first item on the list of things that you can not save on, because not only your appearance, but also your comfort and state of health depend on its quality. Choose shoes only from natural materials. And don't skip your heels. The average stable heel fits perfectly into the canons of the classic style. Shoes with heels make the figure slimmer, sleeker, and provided that the height of the heel and block are chosen correctly, such shoes will be much more comfortable than those with absolutely flat soles.

  5. Beware of looking vulgar. Too deep cut, defiant neckline, transparent blouse, bright makeup - such things are forgivable for an 18-year-old girl due to her inexperience. But an accomplished mature woman should not make such mistakes in her style.

  6. Accessories are important touches in your ensemble, so choose them carefully. Maybe not everyone will understand at first glance whether your bag is made of genuine leather, or is it a good substitute. But fake major labels are sure to catch the eye of even an inexperienced observer. Decorations should not be too much. And preference should be given to natural stones and precious metals, and not to Chinese jewelry. Avoid infantile accessories: for example, brooches in the form of a cat or a heart. It is unsuitable for a woman after 40 years to fall into childhood.

I hope these tips will help you become a really stylish little thing.