Drama style - personal stylist Diana Sidorovich

A woman who prefers a dramatic style is always spectacular and original. Her task is to be stunning, therefore, she often wears outrageous things and is always up to date with the latest fashion trends. It is worth noting that she does not just follow fashion, she acquires and wears the latest innovations, even if they do not suit her very well. And the reason for this is simple, such a woman should be in the spotlight.

As practice shows, my favorite pastime is parties and shopping. Her wardrobe is a mix of styles, which is full of separate incongruous things, acquired with the advent of momentary desire.


Romantic style
Romantic style - personal stylist Diana Sidorovich

A woman who prefers this style simply loves to take care of her wardrobe. She loves charming things with ribbons, bows, ruffles and frills. The wardrobe of such a woman is literally buried in flowers. Starting from drawings on things and ending with various brooches and boutonnieres.

The color scheme is soft, usually pastel shades that can be paired with darker colors. Fabrics are preferably light, airy, natural (silk, cashmere, angora). As already mentioned, lace in delicate shades and additions in the form of bows are often used.


City Style
Urban chic style - personal stylist Diana Sidorovich

A woman who prefers the style of Urban Chic likes to dress well, but is not fanatical about clothes. She devotes enough time to her appearance and loves accessories very much. Cases when a woman can spend more on a bag and shoes than on the outfit itself characterize the representative of this style.

Such a woman follows general trends and does not pursue high fashion novelties. When shopping, she makes sure that new things are combined with those already in the wardrobe. She is careful and restrained when choosing a color palette, so she dresses in tone. The specificity of her image is soft pastel shades in clothes and bright accents in accessories. Chooses fabrics with a natural composition, such as wool, silk and cashmere. Summing up, we can say that the main characteristic of this style is laconic luxury.


Military Style
Military Style - personal stylist Diana Sidorovich

Why are we so attracted to people in uniform? Probably, first of all, it is confidence in the look, grace and strength expressed in a straight posture. And a poured uniform, as the final aspect of the whole image. A girl who is an adherent of this style is noble and elegant. She knows exactly what she wants, how to achieve it and how to behave. She is confident in herself, so she is not afraid to show it with her appearance.


NATURAL STYLE - personal stylist Diana Sidorovich

When choosing clothes, such a woman is guided by convenience. She immediately rejects everything that crushes or restricts movement, as well as any overabundance and congestion in the image. In preference to the simplicity of everyday life and formal business attire. The things of her wardrobe should be simple in style and unpretentious in care. Often you can observe a certain mess in her closet, so in the morning she puts on what first comes to hand. Such a woman loves to wear flat shoes and trousers, because it is convenient and practical. She has many interests, but studying fashion magazines is not one of them. If she does wear jewelry, it is very little.


Boho Style
Boho style - personal stylist Diana Sidorovich

A distinctive feature of a fan of the bohemian style is the love of nature and careful attitude to its gifts. Sometimes, in this regard, she tries to avoid natural leather, suede and fur, replacing it with artificial counterparts.
She uses natural materials: such as cotton, linen, silk, wool.
Bohemian style is also the style of a creative girl who is not afraid to stand out, to go against the current. She follows her beliefs and ideals. For her, clothes should be, first of all, comfortable physically and psychologically. This is a child of nature.


Androgynous Style
Androgynous style - personal stylist Diana Sidorovich

In the common people, this style is called “Girl-Boy”. Androgynous is women's clothing, stylized as men's. Often, a men's suit on a woman only emphasizes her femininity. It is believed that it gives the female appearance a special sexuality. Initially, this style was not accepted by society. It caused a lot of criticism and negativity. However, over time, society began to show greater tolerance for this trend in fashion. And now many fashion houses, including Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Sonia Rykiel, Stella McCartney, Balenciaga, Gucci and Max Mara present collections in androgynous style.