What to wear for girls over 30?

At 30, a woman resembles a blossoming bud. Youth and freshness are combined in it with life experience, knowledge of the main canons of style and the ability to apply them in practice. And all this is backed up by self-confidence and an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.


How not to dress at 30! Let's start from the opposite. There are some things that are only allowed for teenagers or very young girls. Rather, they are not so much permissible as forgivable - adjusted for their inexperience, search for themselves and youthful maximalism. Eve...

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How to dress at 40: wardrobe tips

A woman at 40 is still full of energy, attractive, leads a socially active lifestyle. And her appearance, of course, should correspond to this lifestyle. Needless to say, modern women have a hard time. They are forced to be torn between family, work, social activities, and in the turmoil of days it is sometimes so difficult to find a little time for themselves. However, neglect of one's beauty is not acceptable at any age.


The determining factor when choosing clothes is not how old you are according to your passport, but how you look. However, t...

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What women's clothes do not like men?

One of the most popular answers to this question is tight clothing. It would seem that men should like emphasized female forms in some tight dress or skirt. And you know it is! In fact, men cannot take their eyes off the fair sex when their figure and femininity are emphasized. In a word, when women look chic! So what's wrong with tight clothes, you ask? The answer is simple - such clothes are not pleasant and even annoying - in the case when they reveal all the flaws of the figure. You should not take a blouse or dress one size smaller, naively believing that you will look sexy in it - rather...

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Creating your own style

A lot has been written on the topic of creating your own style. Starting from notes in women's magazines, and ending with television programs devoted to this issue. Definitely, a lot has been said and written. We will not repeat ourselves and analyze the basic truths: the selection of hairstyles, makeup, clothes. It is better to dwell on those moments that usually remain in the shadows, but are the basis for creating your own style.

  1. Love yourself It is self-love that is the driving force behind every improvement action: appearance, hairstyle, lifestyle and demeanor. It so happened that a wom...

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