Color analysis of appearance

Appearance color analysis

Do you know the situation:

  • You are tormented by remorse because you spent on an expensive item, but it does not fit into your wardrobe;
  • The item you bought in the store looked good on you, but when you wear it at home or go out into the daylight, you ask yourself: ”What was I thinking?!";
  • You mostly buy black things because you think you can't go wrong with black - it goes with everything;
  • Combining colors fills you with horror;
  • You follow fashion trends in magazines and read fashion bloggers on the Internet. But when buying a thing according to their recommendations, for some reason, hitting the bull's eye - being 100% stylish - rarely happens;
  • You can't understand why a cheap blouse looks great on you, but a smart expensive thing gives your face a pale look, exacerbates wrinkles, and emphasizes bruises under the eyes?

You think: "If I had a lot of money - I would look very stylish just buying expensive brands of clothes ...".

If it were that simple, there would be no stylist profession.


The secret of style is to follow the rules that our body sets for us… One of them is our appearance color type.

To get knowledge about your color type You can:

  • To surf the Internet;
  • Listen to the advice of friends and shop assistants;
  • Just don't think about it all.


Order a service
Diana Sidorovich

What is this?

This is a custom analysis based on eye color, hair color, and skin tone.

Everywhere they write that there are 4 appearance color types: autumn-winter-spring-summer.

Unfortunately, this technique is outdated. Each person is unique.

There is a more universal, absolutely unique technique. It was created by English experts.

According to her, the color characteristics of most people can be written in 24 color types.

You yourself will be actively involved in the process!

Then we will select the optimal color combinations, I will explain:

- which colors are neutral, which cool or warm.

- You will find out which shades from your palette are better to use for autumn-winter wardrobe, and which ones for spring-summer.

- Colors for casual clothes and for evening clothes.

All this information is collected in a color pass that you take with you. He will help you out in moments of uncertainty in stores.

Diana Sidorovich

Color Passport is a slider in the cover, where fragments of draperies of your palette are elegantly arranged.

It is small and fits easily even in a small handbag. It includes 42 shades of perfect colors for you. As well as a makeup palette that suits you (for girls) or options for costume designs (for men).


  • You will learn how to combine colors with each other;
  • Your wardrobe will become bright and will consist of matching colors;
  • Your image will become harmonious and complete;
  • You will learn to recognize your colors and shades in stores;
  • All things in your wardrobe will be combined with each other;
  • You will become more stylish and elegant.

If you wish, we can also conduct a make-up lesson using your makeup colors. You will see an amazing working effect with correct colors:


This makeup is almost invisible, because it looks organic with your type of appearance. But the face changes, people around you give compliments, and no one believes that it's just makeup.

Diana Sidorovich

I'll teach you:

  • how to select and apply tone.
  • what technique to apply shadows, blush, and lipstick.

And your daily makeup will take no more than 15 minutes.

P.S. Very often we underestimate the influence of color on the formation of a wardrobe, but often it plays a leading role in shaping the image.

P.P.S. I want to be to be honest with you to the end – this event has a disadvantages: be prepared for the fact that many things in your wardrobe will not be your color and you will no longer be able to wear them.

The consultation takes 1-1.5 hours.

Determine the color type

The cost of this service:

Color analysis of appearance – $400

Color analysis of appearance + color passport – $400

Color analysis of appearance + color passport + makeup lesson – $500