What women's clothes do not like men?

One of the most popular answers to this question is tight clothing. It would seem that men should like emphasized female forms in some tight dress or skirt. And you know it is! In fact, men cannot take their eyes off the fair sex when their figure and femininity are emphasized. In a word, when women look chic! So what's wrong with tight clothes, you ask? The answer is simple - such clothes are not pleasant and even annoying - in the case when they reveal all the flaws of the figure. You should not take a blouse or dress one size smaller, naively believing that you will look sexy in it - rather the opposite. At this point, it is worth paying attention to those who cannot boast of an ideal figure by nature, and the gym and fitness trainer are crying for them.

Recommendation: when choosing an outfit, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of your figure.

You should not rush to extremes and choose hoodies, a la Pugacheva. This is exactly the type of clothing that men do not like in any form. For such a “shapeless” style, men will not take you first place in the top 10 stylish ladies - rather the opposite - you will be somewhere in the 50th place out of 20 possible. By the way, one of the young people, criticizing such outfits, compared the owners of hoodies with the cartoon character - with Casper. The second said that this is a complete lack of style and taste. Conclusion: men do not like ghosts in hoodies.

Recommendation: You should not go to extremes, complexing because of your figure. There is always a choice - you can start to improve: eat a balanced diet and exercise, and get the desired shape. And first of all, choose clothes according to size and cut. I remind you that there is a style for the full, just not everyone knows about it!

Some argue that the clothes men don't like are trousers. Men, on the contrary, vying with each other began to admire the trousers that fit a well-shaped female figure. They even settled for breeches or capris with pockets. But about 80% of respondents tried to take flared trousers to the landfill. And everyone unanimously expressed their "NO" when discussing women's pants with motney. Men were not seduced by either bloomers or tight-fitting women's trousers with motney. Here they are, men, picky!

Recommendation: choose pants according to your figure. Tight, jeans, capris - it doesn't matter, the main thing is that they emphasize the beauty of your legs.

Discussing the question: “Clothes that men don’t like,” we also touched on hats. Berets and earflaps - that's what does not please the male eye.

Recommendation: if you cannot imagine life without a knitted beret, first ask yourself: “Does it really make me irresistible?”.

In the midst of a discussion of clothing, one of the men said: “In general, I agree to any clothing, as long as it is not fuchsia!”. When asked why this shade did not please him so much, the young man replied: “Yes, this is the color of madness!”. And there were those who supported him in this conviction. Otherwise, the preferences for the color scheme of clothing among men were divided.

Recommendation: you should find out in advance from your man the wishes for the colors of the outfits. Otherwise, your fuchsia dress risks being cut to shreds or simply thrown into the trash while you are not at home.

I believe you will take these comments into account when compiling your own wardrobe or reconsider it.