Creating your own style

A lot has been written on the topic of creating your own style. Starting from notes in women's magazines, and ending with television programs devoted to this issue. Definitely, a lot has been said and written. We will not repeat ourselves and analyze the basic truths: the selection of hairstyles, makeup, clothes. It is better to dwell on those moments that usually remain in the shadows, but are the basis for creating your own style.

  1. Love yourself It is self-love that is the driving force behind every improvement action: appearance, hairstyle, lifestyle and demeanor. It so happened that a woman should love her children, husband, parents and friends. Only here the most important aspect is missed - self-love. But a woman should love herself because only in this way, being in harmony with herself, you can find the answer to the question of how to create your own style.

  2. Giving more than we get Creating your own style is impossible without an external focus. Think of any of the most stylish stars. First of all, each of them strives to present themselves to people. Do the same for you: give yourself, present your “I” to people - this is the most valuable gift in life. Give others your beauty, energy, emotions and help. All this will return to you a hundredfold, and your own style will become the brightest and most unique.

  3. Study and understand yourself It is a deep study of one's "I", its needs, desires and goals that becomes the basis of the structure called "Own Style". Sometimes this kind of learning is like meeting a new person. As soon as you allow hidden and muffled emotions to come out, let go of your secret fears - a completely different person will open inside you. Remember that unsuccessful attempts at creating your own style are due to the fact that the style is selected for appearance. At the moment of such a choice, the essence of a person begins to protest against the imposition of everything alien, and all efforts fail: the chosen style "does not work" in the same way as an unsuccessfully chosen hairstyle.

  4. Reconciliation with yourself and inner harmony Whatever your friends tell you, whatever fashion magazines write about, remember that you are individual! The media tells us about the creation of external beauty of the face and body. And first of all, you need to be in harmony with your inner world and not reproach yourself for the fact that nature has given you magnificent breasts, tall stature or slanting eyes. After all, it is these data that can become the “highlight” of your style.