Look for events

Look for events

  • You have a important event: a friend's wedding, boss's birthday, graduation, just a party with a certain dress code, and you are at a loss because you don't know what to wear ?
  • You met the man/woman of your dreams... And now you have a first date and you are in a panic?
  • Business meeting with an important partner Do you need to show that you are a professional and ready for serious cooperation, and from clothes - only the usual shorts and a T-shirt?
  • Oh, maybe it's just a interview for a job?

Then the look for event service is just what you need.

Don't worry, even if time is running out - I can help you put together an outfit for the event in no time.

There's just no time to waste! Call urgently: 0676565999.

We'll set a time right away, even if it's "tonight".

Then there are two scenarios:

  • We collect the image from the things and accessories already in the wardrobe. This option is the easiest and does not require much time and money.
  • But if you want to completely transform and surprise others, then the second option will be more suitable for you: here we can’t do without shopping.

Diana Sidorovich

For starters, if we haven't worked with you yet, you tell me in detail about your preferences in clothes, what is your impression span> What budget are you planning to produce?

I'll ask you to take certain measurements of your figure, maybe even send your photo, and I'll go look for options for you just try on and take what you liked the most.

I will also give advice on hair styling and makeup - after all, the image should be holistic.

And voila! You are the queen of this ball, or, of course, the king.

Create an outfit for an event without shopping – 1000 UAH

Create a look for a shopping event – 1000 UAH/hour

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