Makeup and make-up consultation

Makeup & Makeup Consultation

Have you ever experienced this:

  • You picked up a dress, bought chic shoes and accessories for it, and did your hair for an important event. Only then in the photo you see that everything is almost perfect, but here is the face ... You spent a lot of time on makeup, but it is missing.
  • Actually, you know how to do a good daytime makeup, but it is completely unsuitable for photos and for the evening - it just does not hold and floated after a few hours. And you can't understand why...
  • You understand that makeup is a wonderful thing, but: You have already used the services of makeup artists, after which you were disappointed. The feeling of plaster on your face, mourning eyelashes, you don’t like the colors of shadows, lipsticks, and all makeup just makes you look old.
Diana Sidorovich