Gift certificates

Gift Certificates

Don't know what to give the person who has everything? Or in the pre-holiday bustle you do not have enough time to search for a gift? Or maybe you need to adequately congratulate many people of different ages and status?
And when choosing a gift, of course, you don't want to be banal - you want to surprise with originality. You want to please a loved one, and show that you thought about him, tried and looked for something that would be a pleasant surprise. And you are also looking for a useful gift that will not be thrown into the trash the next day, or will not be given to someone else.
New Year, Christmas, March 8 or Birthday is a good reason to make a nice and useful gift.

Silver Gift Certificate*

This certificate is a ticket to a bachelorette party dedicated to style and fashion. Any lady, regardless of age and field of activity, will be pleased to receive such a compliment.
We gather in beauty salons, women's clubs or other interesting places, and learn the art of looking elegant. Such practice can become a wonderful hobby, so to speak, an activity for the soul.

  1. A gift from a partner salon - keratin hair treatment. The usual cost of this service is 350-650 UAH.
    The cost of the “Silver” gift certificate is 600 UAH
Order Gold Gift Certificate**

Gold certificate includes one individual consultation to choose from:

  • by shape type or
  • determining the appearance color type.
Such a gift would be appropriate if:
  • the person does not have his own style or the style is not defined;
  • You don't know how to hint to a friend/sister/mother/wife that her appearance is, to put it mildly, a little off;
  • perhaps a friend/brother/husband needs advice if he only wears black and can't get rid of it;
  • the person wears some awkward color combinations that do not suit him at all;
  • a person dreams of changing for the better, but still "hands do not reach".

In any of the above cases, such a gift will turn out to be just the way.

  1. A gift from a partner salon - keratin hair treatment;
  2. 20% discount on any other service.

The cost of the "Gold" gift certificate is 3000 UAH.

Diana Sidorovich

Order Platinum Gift Certificate**

The certificate provides for several services at once, to choose from:
  1. two consultations: on style and color or on color and type of figure;
  2. wardrobe analysis;

Style and color advice provides highly specialized information. This is the minimum necessary for changes to occur in appearance. This is just the starting point in reincarnation.
If you wish, you can also get a personal color passport.
Wardrobe analysis is a detailed analysis of the clothes that you have and that you wear. We will try on and analyze every item from your wardrobe, and leave only what really suits you. You will have to get rid of things that do not suit you. From the clothes that remain, we will create sets and select accessories for them. We will also write a list of things that will need to be purchased.

  1. A gift from a partner salon - keratin hair treatment;
  2. 20% discount on any other service;
  3. A free ticket to any of my master classes (its regular cost is 600 UAH)

The cost of the "Platinum" gift certificate is 9000 UAH. A passport for a color consultation is paid separately.

Diana Sidorovich

Order VIP Platinum Gift Certificate**

If your soul does not have enough space to turn around to hit your beloved (or beloved) in the heart - this solution is just for you!

We can organize a radical image change with full professional support.

This service includes:
  • style advice;
  • consultation on the type of figure;
  • consultation on determining the color type of appearance (with a personal color passport);
  • wardrobe analysis;
  • shopping guide.
  1. A gift from a partner salon - keratin hair treatment;
  2. 20% discount on any other service;
  3. Free access to any of my workshops;
  4. Look-book as a gift. This is a selection of photos of all the sets that we will create using the clothes, shoes and accessories that you have in your wardrobe.

Using such a gift, a person receives a full awareness of his style, masters the skills of choosing clothes in a store and creating new images.
The cost of the "VIP Platinum" gift certificate is 18500 UAH.


* Only suitable for women.
**Suitable for both women and men.