Accompaniment to a photo session

Photo shoot escort

  • You have been asked to submit your photo. You flip through the albums and realize that none of them are suitable for impressing.
  • You understand that amateur photos are not always good, so you decided to trust the professionals.
  • Or maybe you dream of becoming a model and you need a portfolio?
  • You just want to capture some events in your life and do it beautifully. For example, shoot your Love story. After all, I really want to take not just a picture, but to convey the atmosphere of love and charm to each other. 

Let me tell you a secret: Professional photos are so beautiful because they are a team of people who know their stuff. After all, in order for everything to turn out perfectly, you need to thoroughly prepare.

  • First of all, you need to pick up a few images - looks. This is the job of a stylist. We collect sets from your existing clothes, or I provide clothes. Perhaps you will have some ideas, and I will just help to bring them to life.
  • Next, you need to find a location for filming. This is the work of a photographer and stylist.
  • Makeup and hairstyle. They should also be consistent with the collected bows from the clothes. Therefore, a hairdresser, makeup artist and, of course, a stylist are needed here.
  • And at the last stage, when everything is ready, you will just need to relax and trust the photographer. He will definitely tell you from what angles you look most advantageous.

You can not think about all this, but just make yourself a gift - and order a service such as a photo session with a stylist.

I will be by your side throughout the photo session.

Diana Sidorovich

The result is beautiful photographs that will remain for a long time, and will bring joy not only to you, but to those people who are close to you.

The cost of a photo session depends on the number of images and the level of training of related specialists. 

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