Androgynous Style

In the common people, this style is called “Girl-Boy”. Androgynous is women's clothing, stylized as men's. Often, a men's suit on a woman only emphasizes her femininity. It is believed that it gives the female appearance a special sexuality. Initially, this style was not accepted by society. It caused a lot of criticism and negativity. However, over time, society began to show greater tolerance for this trend in fashion. And now many fashion houses, including Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Sonia Rykiel, Stella McCartney, Balenciaga, Gucci and Max Mara present collections in androgynous style.

A strict form and a monochrome palette are not boring, but, on the contrary, attract attention. Androgynous style is preferred by brave girls of a new formation who are not afraid to change their appearance. The most important thing for them is the absence of any framework or restrictions. Most often, these are representatives of creative professions: actresses, designers, stylists, musicians and artists.

True, this style is not suitable for all the fair sex. For the image to be harmonious, you need long legs and a thin T-shaped figure.

Outstanding representatives: Marlene Dietrich, Ellen DeGeneres, Omahira Mota.
Spotted: Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie.

Diana Sidorovich

How to emphasize your style:

  • Men's jacket, tuxedo, business suit, vest, trousers, shirt and classic accessories - this set can be worn by combining its elements in different ways.
  • Borrow elements from the men's wardrobe: alcoholic T-shirts, suspenders.
  • It should be remembered that the more feminine forms your figure has, the more "masculine" accents you need to balance them.
  • Pay attention to the details that distinguish a men's suit from a women's suit: fit, cut, emphasis on the shoulders rather than the waist, etc.
  • A shirt with an open collar and a scarf tied like a tie will look very sexy in an ensemble with high-waisted trousers for men.


  • Use ties, suspenders and vests. From this, the image becomes even more accentuated "cross-gender".
  • A fedora hat will complete the look wonderfully.
  • Decorate the cuffs with cufflinks and the tie with a safety pin.
  • A men's business suit paired with stiletto heels looks especially sexy. When creating an androgynous style, it is important not to copy a completely masculine style, but to add some femininity to it.


Feminine makeup and beautiful styling will look best. But for those who want to achieve a more brutal effect, a short boyish haircut and dark catwalk eyes are suitable. Lips, in this case, should be absolutely neutral.

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