Boho Style

A distinctive feature of a fan of the bohemian style is the love of nature and careful attitude to its gifts. Sometimes, in this regard, she tries to avoid natural leather, suede and fur, replacing it with artificial counterparts. She uses natural materials such as cotton, linen, silk, wool.

Bohemian style is also the style of a creative girl who is not afraid to stand out, to go against the flow. She follows her beliefs and ideals. For her, clothes should be, first of all, comfortable physically and psychologically. This is a child of nature. If old Europe came to bohemian fashion through a protest against classicism, and was picked up primarily by creative people, then in the USA it all started with hippies. The atmosphere of free creativity was often combined with a reluctance to do anything. However, hippies were able to attract the attention of others, they were looked at with surprise and delight, and after some time they unconsciously created a unique style, which later became known as bohemian.

Outstanding representatives: Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens.

How to emphasize your style:

  • Choose clothes that are loose and comfortable.
  • Layer is an important condition for this style.
  • Combine rough boots with a delicate light lace dress or ripped jeans with luxurious furs.
  • Give preference to puffy skirts of bright colors, loose tunics, linen shirts, tank tops and vests, white cotton sundresses.
  • In the color scheme, natural shades are preferred, muted colors: brown, beige, sand, ivory, milky and white. Ethnic prints, oriental ornament, abstraction may also be present.
  • Embroider clothes with sequins and beads, decorate with fringe and lacing.


  • Give preference to long earrings, large bracelets in several rows, pendants made of natural stones, especially with turquoise.
  • Tie intricately woven leather laces around your head with a handkerchief or chains, or use a wide-brimmed hat.
  • Belts choose wide, with massive buckles and studs.
  • When choosing accessories, you need to remember the ethnic component. Jewelry in ethnic style is the best fit for this theme.
  • Shoes, as a rule, are as comfortable as possible, with low heels, can be decorated with stones and embroidery.


It is better to stick to a natural natural range. Bronze makeup looks great.


This style is characterized by slight negligence and reverent love for braids. Boho hairstyles are romantic, slightly tousled strands, braided into several braids or pulled into a ponytail.

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