Dramatic Style

A woman who prefers a dramatic style is always spectacular and original. Her task is to be stunning, therefore, she often wears outrageous things and is always up to date with the latest fashion trends. It is worth noting that she does not just follow fashion, she acquires and wears the latest innovations, even if they do not suit her very well. And the reason for this is simple, such a woman should be in the spotlight.

As practice shows, my favorite pastime is parties and shopping. Her wardrobe is a mixture of styles, which is full of separate incompatible things, acquired with the advent of momentary desire.

Diana Sidorovich

Required elements are leather and tiger-colored fabrics. The main palette of the wardrobe is black and red. Most often, the clothes of such a woman are made of elastic fabrics. The cut of her clothes provides for a fit at the waist and hips, and a deep neckline is decorated with bright, shiny jewelry. All these elements help to convey the mood and character of a daring and courageous woman.

Outstanding representatives:

Victoria Beckham, Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Donatela Versace, Sharon Osbourne, Shilpa Shetty

How to show off your style:
  • Wear tops and bottoms in contrasting colors
  • The bolder and more outrageous your accessories, the better
  • For the evening, choose dresses like for the Oscars.
    You must be bright and smart
  • But the robot needs to dress less brightly and more conservatively.
  • Heels are an essential part of your look
Diana Sidorovich

  • Wear belts with original buckles and details like studs, rhinestones or slit patterns
  • Choose bold designs in contrasting colors
  • Wear big, flashy jewelry, but no frills
  • Buy new shoes or boots every season
  • Place a colorful scarf over your winter coat
  • Wear a hat or other hair accessory
  • During the day, do not forget to emphasize the eyes with arrows, add two or three layers of mascara and lip gloss
  • In the evening, everything is in full swing, including your favorite red lipstick

The best hairstyles for your style are long, wavy hair. They can be lightened or delicately highlighted. Hair of different lengths (cascade) looks good. If you pin up your hair, use jewelry.

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