When choosing clothes, such a woman is guided by convenience. She immediately rejects everything that crushes or restricts movement, as well as any overabundance and congestion in the image. In preference to the simplicity of everyday life and formal business attire. The things of her wardrobe should be simple in style and unpretentious in care. Often you can observe a certain mess in her closet, so in the morning she puts on what first comes to hand.

Such a woman loves to wear flat shoes and trousers because it is comfortable and practical. She has many interests, but studying fashion magazines is not one of them. If she wears jewelry, then very little.

Outstanding representatives:

Julia Roberts, Steffi Graf, Lauren Hutton, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Vanessa Redgrave, Kate Winslet

How to show off your style:
  • Long skirts: wide pleated or slit - do not hinder movement. Wear them with comfortable shoes
  • Choose loose and soft clothing to feel comfortable and at ease
  • At work, comfort is also very important, so give preference to simple and high-quality blouses
  • For the evening, choose a tunic that can be worn with silk trousers and light pumps or other flat shoes
  • Despite your beliefs, you need accessories to complete your look
  • Choose jewelry made from natural materials: wood, leather, shells
  • Wear a long scarf or shawl over a coat or jacket in style with gloves
  • A shoulder bag or backpack will suit you best
  • Daytime use an all-in-one product (such as a foundation-effect moisturizer).
  • Enliven your face in the evening with a natural-colored lipstick or lip gloss

Get a good haircut that will minimize or eliminate styling.

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