City Style

A woman who prefers the style of Urban Chic likes to dress well, but is not fanatical about clothes. She devotes enough time to her appearance and loves accessories very much. Cases when a woman can spend more on a bag and shoes than on the outfit itself characterize the representative of this style.

Such a woman follows general trends and does not pursue high fashion novelties. When shopping, she makes sure that new things are combined with the ones already in the wardrobe.

She is careful and restrained when choosing a color palette, so she dresses in tone. The specificity of her image is soft pastel shades in clothes and bright accents in accessories.

We choose fabrics with a natural composition, such as wool, silk and cashmere. Summing up, we can say that the main characteristic of this style is laconic luxury.

Outstanding representatives:

Isabella Rossellini, Sharon Stone, Oprah Winfrey, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Catherine Deneuve, Honor Blackman.

How to emphasize your style:
  • Shop for classic style essentials in neutral colors
  • Regularly update your wardrobe with trendy blouses and blouses
  • Wear trousers with stylish shirts or twos to accessorize the look
  • A simple shirt dress with a catchy necklace or necklace, a bright scarf or shawl can be a great combination for the evening
  • A light clog with a heel will serve as a great addition to such a simple but stylish toilet
  • Choose one eye-catching accessory - necklace, brooch or beaded scarf
  • Always keep sunglasses handy
  • Replace a black bag with a colored one or tie a handkerchief over it
  • Get yourself an expensive watch
  • Wear pumps with heels
  • During the day, use a mattifying foundation and lipstick in neutral shades, apply a little powder with a tint of tan on your face
  • In the evening, emphasize the eyes with a granite or brown pencil, apply a little glittery shadow on the eyelids. Choose a darker lipstick

Regularly visit the hairdresser. Delicate highlighting will allow the hair to remain natural.

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