Military Style

Why are we so attracted to people in uniform? Probably, first of all, it is confidence in the look, grace and strength expressed in a straight posture. And a poured uniform, as the final aspect of the whole image. A girl who is an adherent of this style is noble and elegant. She knows exactly what she wants, how to achieve it and how to behave. She is confident in herself, so she is not afraid to show it with her appearance.

Diana Sidorovich

The main feature of the style is a strict cut that emphasizes the figure. As well as elements resembling insignia on military uniforms. To create military-style items, practical, rather coarse fabrics, camouflage and khaki colors are used. Suits and coats, similar to an overcoat or uniform, wide breeches. All these things are elegant and original, but clearly indicate belonging to a military uniform.

The first to adopt this style were models. Swamp-colored shorts and cargo pants, spotted alcoholic T-shirts and puffy dresses were some of the favorite things. And how can you do without a khaki army jacket.

Outstanding representatives:

Gwen Stefani, Rihanna.

How to emphasize your style:
  • A double-breasted coat resembling a uniform is a must-have style
  • Use elements such as epaulettes and excelbants
  • Complete the look with rough army boots or berets. You need low running shoes
  • Remember that a rough pea coat thrown over a flying chiffon dress will make your figure even more fragile and feminine
  • Wear belts with wide buckles
  • Use military style buttons
  • Complete the look with a cap, beret or cap

By the way, a khaki pattern may be present on shoes or a bag

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