Consultation on body type

Body type consultation

  • You don't understand why the familiar dress fit perfectly - and she is far from being a model, but it turns you into a likeness terminator?
  • You don't know what to do with your delicious ass: pulling on baggy clothes, hoping to hide all the flaws and bumps?
  • Sellers in the store shout with one voice that the thing fits you perfectly, but it seems to you that this is not true. Are you persuaded to buy it and put it on the shelf?
  • Things in the personal wardrobe bought by chance, according to mood or on sale. And you can't combine them in any way?
  • You have absolutely no interest in fashion, but looking stylish is a requirement of the modern world.

In the modern world, a woman has less and less time left for herself: business, a child, personal care - there is no time left to develop her own style and study fashion publications.

But everything is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.
It is enough to follow the rules that our body dictates to us. One of them is the conformity of the clothes we wear to our body type and body proportions.
Everyone has heard that with the help of clothes you can correct your figure, but few people know that an incorrectly chosen model can ruin even a figure with excellent shapes. With the help of the right style, we can visually lengthen the legs, draw the waist or add height and tighten the chest. Or, on the contrary, add a couple of extra pounds to yourself, make your face square and shorten your already short legs.

All this knowledge is possessed by specially trained people - image stylists.
During the consultation on the type of figure, you will receive all the necessary knowledge regarding the features of your figure.
We write all this in a specially designed notebook, where recommendations specifically for your body type will be detailed, optimal clothing styles are selected, from necklines to models of trousers, skirts and tops etc.

Diana Sidorovich

How the consultation goes.

  1. We agree on a date in advance.
  2. For the convenience of the client, the consultation is held in a separate office, where we can discuss in a relaxed atmosphere what difficulties you have when choosing clothes.
  3. We then move on to measuring individual characteristics. Having carefully measured all the parameters, I will determine your type of figure and body proportions by the method of precise calculations.

    Diana Sidorovich

  4. Based on the calculations, you will receive recommendations on the most suitable styles of clothing. You will learn how to harmoniously balance your own figure and not spoil what nature has awarded.
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  • You will learn to dress properly according to your body type and choose accessories according to your body size and style.
  • You get all the information you need to be confident when shopping. There is no longer any need to ask others how this or that dress sits on the figure.
  • You look stunning, and no one even knows that you have your little secrets about your figure. By sticking to your style, you will always look elegant and appropriate.
  • And, of course, compliments, compliments, compliments

Consultation duration: 1.5 - 2 hours.

Price: UAH 3000

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